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Tutor Doctor Quad Cities

Proudly Serving Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline,
Rock Island & Surrounding Areas

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Tutor Doctor Testimonials

Success Stories

“The service I receive from Tutor Doctor is fantastic. The tutor they have been sending to my home is professional & polite. Most importantly they are a constant resource that my daughter feels comfortable to approach to help her with homework and studying skills, which prior to working with Tutor Doctor was a constant source of stress and frustration. I have seen her confidence rebuilt and her grades steadily improve. I only wish that I found Tutor Doctor sooner!”

Marisa, parent of Jordie

“Tutor doctor is the best thing that ever happened to my daughter. I only wish I had heard about them sooner my daughter’s life would have been less complicated. My daughter went through a difficult period in grade 10 and during that time she missed a concept in Math. Her grades continued to slide downward from then on. She went to the mall one day with her friends; she met Tutor Doctor and brought home a brochure. We love the tutor Tutor Doctor provided. She is professional and oh so competent. Her teaching technique is the ultimate. Since her involvement my daughter’s grades went from 40-60% to 90’s %.”

Irene, parent of Melinda

“My son was very frustrated in math. He was really falling behind and he had developed quite a negative attitude towards his math. As a last resort, we decided to try a tutor. I was a little skeptical however, we have been very pleased! I wish we would have called Tutor Doctor a lot sooner. Our tutor is so patient, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I love how he goes through my son’s math assignments and teaches him all the basics that he sees my son is missing in order to properly complete his homework. My son’s math mark has improved dramatically and we only started with Tutor Doctor at the end of September. Most importantly, my son has started to enjoy math and I’ve heard from his teacher that he is participating in class and is very proud to share what he has learned from his tutor during math class. Thank you, Tutor Doctor!”

Annalee, Parent of Christopher

“After making the decision to sit for the GED I set about finding a tutor that would accommodate my busy lifestyle and be sympathetic to the fact that I have been out of the school system for 15 years. I am thrilled to have found Tutor Doctor and be set up with a perfect tutor, who not only takes the time to explain everything simply to me but works around my busy schedule and comes to my home! With Tutor Doctor’s help I am feeling confident in reaching my academic goal.


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